Covert Rural Observation Post (CROPS)

cropsThe theft of farm equipment, livestock, diesel, and other items is already big business for organised crime and competitors and can cost a company hundreds of thousands of pounds in damage, stress, anxiety and inconvenience.

CT RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS can provide a covert two man team to infiltrate the area, observe and collect video/still photographic evidence coupled with a full activity written report.

We will always recommend to our clients the use of a minimum of two men on CROPS work as a form of health and safety to our operators.
By using experienced operators and cutting edge technology we are able to assist companies and agencies with the issue of insurance fraud, fly tipping, copper and metal theft and diesel theft which are all very common in rural settings.

Our operators have gained years of experience and training from their background in Military Security, Police Service and other security / surveillance agencies.

Commercial Infiltration

Our Specialist operators will infiltrate businesses as an employee to root out criminal, fraudulent or deceptive behaviour.

Covert Rural Observation Post (CROPS)

we offer a professional CROPS services throughout all rural areas UK wide.

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