About Us

The founder of CT Risk Management Solutions, I am a former Paratrooper with 25 years Colour Service. I have served in many theatres of operations and conducted military security training at all levels.  Following this very busy and active career I then left the military and was a professional Close Protection Officer for 6 years in the Middle East, Far East and Africa.


I then went on to conduct 4 years of security work in the anti-piracy role on the Indian Ocean deterring Somalian Pirates.  I was responsible for ensuring that all team members were trained to the highest levels of operational standards and conduct.  These high standards are the backbone of CT Risk Management Solutions’ service to all clients.

I am a family man having two children, who are now fine young adults and my son has gone on to follow me into the military.


I hold a Graduate ship in Leadership and Management and enjoy running, cycling, keeping fit and Brazilian Ju Jitsu.
CT Risk Management Solutions is built on the very ethos of 32 years of military discipline and training. I personally select and train all of our operators to the standards that I expect, so that we can produce a first class service to all of our clients.

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